Things to see when sitting in a car in Brooklyn

I’m back from a monthlong stay in Brooklyn during what was probably the worst month of the year in terms of weather, just my luck! But I nonetheless had a great time, and visited and saw many sights (and worked a lot too…that is after all what I was there for). Sometimes I saw things from the warmth of my car, because it was the only way to get from point A to point B without turning into an icicle. To my great surprise, and despite the warnings, Brooklyn is surprisingly car friendly. Mind you, we did get two tickets and were towed –and I swear we did not deserve it!– but despite that, driving was sometimes the best option to have a look around. I discovered that Brooklyn boasts some great vantage points for viewing Manhattan.

NYC from Green-Wood Cemetery

On a day so cold I thought I was in Canada again, I visited the Green-Wood Cemetery, in the Greenwood Heights neighborhood. It is a hilly burial ground with an intriguing range of gravestones and funerary monuments, and some impressive views of Manhattan. To be fair, I got out of the car for all of the shots shared here, but the views were excellent either way. I almost sacrificed my hand for the sake of this specific shot because you can’t wear mittens and still press the correct button. The cold wind felt like bathing in liquid nitrogen.

Another great place in Brooklyn if you want to see the city from afar is Sunset Park, and I was actually there at the beginning of sunset. You can even see the Statue of Liberty from here (though not in this shot), and that is the one and only time I ever gazed upon that big, green lady, because I sure as hell was not going on a boat ride in February.


NYC from Sunset Park

Finally, Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood also has some great views of Manhattan, especially in the small and poorly named WNYC Transmitter Park. Between rundown warehouse buildings that all seem to house stinky passenger buses, you can find this little gem if you bother to look. In this case, you need to get out of the car and walk to it, but wait until it gets warmer; I almost died twice while penguin walking over a 2 inch layer of ice.


NYC from Greenpoint