Bear with me, I’m new at this, and the place will be bare bones for a time.

I’m an archaeologist, or I was one, well sometimes I still am. Our relationship status is complicated. I have a master’s degree, and I have worked in some unique and remote places: French Guiana, Nicaragua, the oil sands of northern Canada, to name a few. Here I will explore topics of travel, archaeology, and culture in an approachable and hopefully entertaining way.

This is also where I subject the reader to a mixture of fact and viewpoints, a place where natasha 2014my nonsensical personality can roam free.

The artist in me will excitedly share the things she loves, and sometimes the things she hates. I see a lot of live music, read many books, and eat in some pretty interesting places, so you may see a few reviews here. The scientist will want to discuss how the world works and why it’s sometimes so screwed up. In the end, you may read strange, whimsical posts where fact and fiction co-mingle, because to top it all off I’m a writer, too. You may think “Wow, an archaeologist and a writer, you say?” So many personal identifiers, but what is that worth in this world! Not a thing, not a thing, except maybe to provide material for a blog.


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